men's designer inspired fragrance

Perfumes inspired by designer brands

What we do?
Well shortly, we produce perfumes inspired by designer brands at the highest concentration level so rest assured they are the Longest Lasting Fragrances on the market.
We use original ingredients (jasmine, vanilla, passion fruit, musk, saffron and many more) and we mix them in a way that they smell similar to the famous fragrances from different brands.

We are able to keep our trading prices low by providing our customers with perfumes in a simple package instead of expensive designer boxes and bottles.

These perfumes are produced under laboratory conditions, physical – chemical characteristics and the quality is continuously monitored and is identical to the European Union requirements. Its composition is equal to the Extract de Parfum quality of each fragrant.

Our Fragrances

Our list of perfumes inspired by designer brands includes the very classic to the latest fragrances on the high street and we are continuously working to extend our list so if you have a suggestion of a perfume that you like or you think it would sell well please write us now!

Our main focus always has been on projection and the longevity of our perfumes and now undoubtedly we produce the Longest Lasting Fragrances that are inspired by designer brands! We have two range of fragrances, Standard and Exclusive. Standard includes the most popular fragrances of the perfume industry whilst the Exclusive range focuses more on the scents that are usually sold under a higher price tag. These fragrances do cost more to produce due to it’s ingredients so there is a slight price incensement on these products. Only couple of pounds of difference so it has an extremely good value for money. Make sure to check them out!

Now we have 10% off on some of the 30ml bottles, 20% off on some of the 50ml bottles and 28% off on some of the 100ml bottles.

men's designer inspired fragrances